Reaction to Oxford grooming verdicts from 'CAASE'

posted by: Nick Lowles, HOPE not hate | on: Tuesday, 14 May 2013, 20:00

LONDON, UK - In the aftermath of the sex abuse 'grooming' case verdicts in Oxford today, the newly-launched Community Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) - which includes HOPE not hate, the Islamic Society of Britain, Victim Support, the Muslim Council of Britain and Church of England among its network - utterly condemns the actions of the men involved.

Julie Siddiqi, co-founder of the CAASE initiative and Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Britain, said: "The damage these men have done and evil they have wrought will last a lifetime for their victims - survivors of abuse - which can never be fully healed. The men and those who sheltered them must now examine their consciences as they reflect on the terrible nature of their crimes. It is imperative that there is no hiding place for abuse or abusers within any of our communities."

Said Nick Lowles, also co-founder of CAASE as well as Chief Executive of HOPE not hate: "This trial has once again exposed the true horrors of grooming and the human suffering that results from it. All communities must come together and speak out against this awful crime and do our upmost to ensure that the vulnerable are protected and the guilty are prosecuted. This is exactly what CAASE has been established to do."

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